There’s nothing better than a fresh blowout. Your hair is voluminous, and you feel on top of the world. But don’t you wish you could rock that perfect blowout for longer than a day or two? We’re giving tips on how to make it last almost a week (and sometimes longer)!

Start with the basics
The key to making your blowout last starts with a really good shampooing. You want a stylist who really works the shampoo in and rinses it out thoroughly, so you can start with a completely clean base. If your hair is weighed down with excess product or oil, the blowout won’t last as long.

Protect your hair
Sleeping and showering are the first hurdles you’ll have to jump if you want your blowout to last. Pull your hair back using a hair tie that doesn’t leave dents into a loose top knot or low pony. It’s also ideal to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. When showering, use a shower cap, and make sure everything is completely covered (especially your hairline)! Even a little moisture can be death to your ‘do.

Don’t use product the first two days
This depends on how long you’re trying to make your blowout last, but if you want to stretch it 6-7 days, skip products the first two days! No dry shampoo, hairspray or serum. These products will weigh your hair down, and your blowout won’t look as good.

When it comes time to use products, use dry shampoo in your roots, making sure to brush through after. Dry conditioner is another great product to use, but only on the ends of your hair. Dry conditioners aren’t as heavy as leave-in conditioners and will really help extend the life of your blowout. You can also use a volume spray if you want extra volume.

Don’t touch your hair
The natural oils on our skin can make hair greasy, which is something you don’t want when trying to keep your blowout as fresh as possible. This is especially important after getting a manicure or using hand cream. The natural oils PLUS extra product is definitely not good for hair!

What tricks do you use to keep your blowout lasting longer?