Every once in a while our hair needs a little extra TLC, especially as summer is rolling in. It’s important to take care of it, and give it an extra bit of pampering to combat split ends, dryness, or a rough day. Don’t have time to come into Tarro weekly? No worries! All of this can be done right at home.

Use a wooden brush

A wooden brush will help distribute natural oils, and reduce static and breakage. If your hair tangles easily, we suggest using a detangling spray like the Run-Through Detangling Primer from Oribe.

Shampoo, of course!

This is a no-brainer, but you should consult with your stylist on what works best for your hair type and needs. It’s about finding one that best suits your hair whether it leans on the oily, dry or damaged side. We offer shampoos for every need from Oribe, Kerastase and Rene Furterer. It’s also important to figure out how frequently you should be washing your hair. Thick hair doesn’t have to be washed as frequently as thin hair does.

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Hair masks

Using a hair mask once a week will result in silky hair and will also act as a deep conditioner. If you don’t want to do this at home, check out our in-salon hair mask options!

Hair oil

We suggest argan oil or jojoba oil, which is best for fine hair because it doesn’t weigh hair down. Concentrate this on the ends of your hair since that’s where the most damage or breakage occurs.