Most people tend to look for quality products that only tend to their strands when seeking healthy hair, but healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. A scalp treatment is a relaxing experience that can contribute to a healthy, beautiful mane. If you need another reason to try one out, check out our top 5 benefits of scalp treatments.


Deep Cleaning

Unfortunately, shampoo alone does not cleanse deep enough to remove all scalp build up from sebum, sweat, styling products, and pollution. Build up on the scalp can cause inflammation, itchiness, and potentially, hair loss.



Just like a facial is good for your skin, a scalp treatment will do wonders for your locks. The massage part of a thorough scalp treatment stimulates blood flow, allowing nutrients to reach the scalp to nourish hair.


Greasy Hair Remedy

Oily hair? The culprit may be your scalp! An oily scalp leads to oily hair. A scalp treatment will deeply cleanse, clarify, and purify hair to remove excess oil.


Moisturize Scalp

Your tresses may look dull and lifeless due to a dry scalp. Tarro’s Rene Furterer treatment unclogs hair follicles, releasing  natural conditioning oils that put life back in your locks. Plus, it will help with itching and flakiness.


Thicken Hair

If you suffer from thinning hair, then a scalp treatment could help. A scalp massage stimulates hair follicles to produce thicker hair and encourages hair growth by expanding blood vessels under the skin.

At Tarro Beauty, we provide a Rene Furterer Scalp Treatment that exfoliates and strengthens your scalp to promote naturally luscious hair. Call us today at 248-645-5060 to book your appointment.