Does your current hair drying routine need a boost? These blow drying tips will give you a good hair day every time you blow out your locks.


Find a good blow dryer 

For normal to straight hair, look for a dryer that has at least 1,800 watts. However, a lower temperature dryer around 1,400 watts is best for curlier tresses. Choose a blow dryer with multiple heat and air settings, and consider one that uses ionic air technology to help with frizz, create shine, and minimize blow dry time. Don’t forget about the attachments that come with your dryer! A nozzle will help to concentrate the air, leaving a smooth finish while protecting your hair from excess heat.


Choose the right brush 

A round brush is your go-to for straightening strands, flipping ends, or creating waves. When selecting a brush, remember that the bigger the surface area of the brush, the faster the drying time. Brushes with vents allow air to flow evenly to help save you time.


Air-dry before you blow dry

Don’t reach for your hair dryer with drenched locks! Before styling, fine-to-medium hair should be about 80% dry, whereas thicker hair should only be about 50% dry. After washing your mane, use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to dry your hair. Avoid using a cotton towel which is more prone to damaging strands due to its coarse texture.


Use heat protectant

When using heat-styling tools, it is always important to use heat protectant, such as Kérastase Thermique blow dry primer. Using these products will add a barrier between the styling tool and your hair to seal in moisture and eliminate frizz. Be sure to spray all around your head and you can comb the product through to evenly coat strands.


Move from front to back

The front of your hair is the most visible part of your style, so you’ll want to dry it first, especially if you have bangs. If your hair at the front dries before you get there, it will make it much harder to smooth. When styling, start at the roots and then roll the brush down to the ends.


Set your style

Create a longer-lasting style by letting your hair cool down on the brush before moving to a new section. Keep hair tight against the brush as you blast it with cool air to set your style. Don’t forget to point the nozzle down your hair shaft to prevent frizz, especially when finishing your style.