Whether you’re looking to avoid heat tools or want to try something new during quarantine, these no-heat hairstyles will do the trick!


Beach Waves

You don’t need to take a trip to the beach to get easy-breezy waves. After showering, spray your mane with a sea salt spray and put your hair in a bun while getting ready for the day. When your hair has dried, or you are done getting ready, take out the bun for voluminous beach waves. You can also use the classic process of sleeping in braids overnight to achieve waves but try twisting your strands as you french braid for a stylish upgrade.


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Braided Top Knot

This ‘do is easy and perfect for days when you want a chic look that keeps your hair out of your face. Clip away a section of hair from your temples to your crown, then flip your locks and begin braiding at the nape of your neck. Once you reach the top of your head, combine the braid with the clipped hair into a ponytail. Finally, unbraid the section that is tied together with the pony and twist and pin to create your top knot.


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Bouncy Curls

Put your curling iron away and use some household items for heatless curls. Put on a headband and wrap damp hair around the band until all sections are tucked in. Unravel your stands the next morning for effortless curls. Or you can grab some old (clean) socks, and with lightly damped hair, roll sections of hair to the top of your head and tie in a knot when you reach your desired length.


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Half-Up Bun

This look has several variations and is great for styling hair between washes. You can gather your hair at your temples or slightly part your hair and pull the hair to the back or top of your head. Tie off hair with an elastic and tease with a comb to make this style look fuller. For the final step, twist and secure into a bun.


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Straight Locks

Did you know that you can actually straighten your hair without heat? Utilize your blow dryer on the cool air setting while using a brush or fingers to help straighten your tresses. Another option is to wrap your hair. Begin by parting your hair and combing it over your part then securing with bobby pins. Make sure each section is brushed before and after pinning (to smooth and tighten) and you can use a hair scarf to keep in place overnight.


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