A hair mask can offer a multitude of benefits to your tresses, depending on the ingredients that are included in them. Hair masks are available for purchase, can be made at home or you can get an in-salon Kerastase Mask and Deep Conditioner at Tarro! Take a peek at some hair mask benefits and what ingredients to look out for to target your desired hair results.


Silky Soft Hair

Looking for shiny and smooth locks? Try a hair mask with coconut, argan, shea or avocado oil to replenish hair and give it a glossy finish. Also, consider using apple cider vinegar when your strands are looking dull.


Add Moisture/Reduce Frizz

Give your hair its much-needed hydration with a hair mask. Honey is known for its ability to retain moisture, so opt for a mask that lists honey as a main ingredient. You can also whip up your own hair mask using bananas, which have antimicrobial properties that may reduce dryness. Other additives that provide intense moisture and fight against frizz are olive oil and milk (coconut or regular).


Correct Hair Damage

Hair damage can be caused by styling tools, hair dye and the environment. Protect your locks by using natural healing ingredients, like honey and propolis to help repair damage. Masks that incorporate olive oil and avocados will provide strength, shine and rejuvenate your scalp, too.


Strengthen Strands

Along with soothing your scalp, aloe vera contains vitamins C, E, and B-12, folic acid and choline which may help strengthen and nourish your strands. Avocado is another powerful ingredient that contains minerals that can help seal the hair cuticle, which makes your hair more resistant to breakage and damage. Lastly, look for masks with eggs as their high protein content can help strengthen hair and repair damage.


Promote Hair Growth

A cinnamon-based mask may be your saving grace for growing out your tresses. This spice is known for stimulating blood circulation and promoting hair growth. Try looking for masks with castor oil which helps combat scalp infections that prevent hair growth due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties.