Looking to add a boost to your tresses? These tips and tricks will show you how to add volume to your hair.


Blow dry upside down

Adding volume to your limp locks can be as simple as improving your blow dry technique. When giving yourself a blowout, flip your head upside down to add body to your roots. This method works because your roots are lifted away from your scalp, allowing them to dry in the desired direction.


Use rollers

If your hair is already dry, use rollers (hot or normal) to lift your locks. Mist each section with hairspray then start rolling your ends to your roots. Use big rollers for extra fullness and be sure to let hot rollers cool before removing for lasting volume.


Check your products

Look for products created to add volume and body when shopping for shampoo and conditioner. Conditioners can also leave a heavy residue that weighs down your roots, so only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair when washing.


Switch up your part

This is a quick fix for instant volume. Keeping your part the same trains your hair to lie flat. Flip your part to the opposite side or create a deep side part to build height. You can also amplify your mane by combing your part in a zig-zag motion, with your part changing directions every two inches.


Spray dry shampoo

Not only is it great between washes, but spritzing some dry shampoo on your locks can give you another day of volume. Focus on spraying the first few inches of your hair, especially at the crown and hairline, for extra oomph.


Add hair tongs

Avoid a flat ‘do by using hair tongs or any hairpins you have in the house. Clip them in your wet tresses to lift your roots. Allow your mane to dry before removing and you’ll have natural volume!