One of the major struggles of spreading out your hair washing is keeping grease at bay. Try out these tips for keeping your hair fresh between washes.


Blow dry roots

After your most recent wash, let your mane air dry as much as possible and quickly blow dry your roots. This fast blast of air will help combat grease and allow you a longer time between washes.


Spritz dry shampoo

Dry shampoo seems to be the first thing to grab when looking to freshen up your locks, but remember that less is better. To absorb the most excess oil, use every few days and brush it through hair completely to evenly distribute. Make this product more effective by using it as a preventative tool before bed.


Choose the right brush

Minimize buildup by distributing your natural hair oils throughout your locks. Use the best brush for your hair type to help with frizz, detangling and dispersing hair oils.


Use a shower cap

Just because you aren’t washing your hair, doesn’t mean you don’t have to wash your body. When taking a body shower, use a shower cap to keep moisture from getting into your strands. Along with keeping your locks dry, a shower cap will prevent the frizz from the condensation.


Wrap hair at night

If you toss and turn at night, you are increasing breakage. Limit damage and stop oil buildup by using a silk hair wrap. Put your hair into a loose bun on top of your head and hold it up while bringing the wrap around your head. After it has been wrapped, remove your hand and secure the edges of the wrap so hair doesn’t fall out overnight.


Change up hairstyle

When all else fails, you can try out different ‘dos to keep your hair looking fresh. Avoid heat styling and aim for braids, ponytails, buns and twists. Try changing your part around to keep your tresses from going flat and appearing greasy.