When it comes to curling your hair, it isnโ€™t always one curl fits all. Experiment with various styles with these tips on how to create different curls.



Take a small section of hair and twist with your finger either away or towards your face. Wrap the twisted hair tightly around your curling iron in the same desired direction. Release and allow curls to cool before shaking with fingers to loosen and add volume.



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Natural Curlsย 

Use a narrow flat iron (about 1-2 inches) and lightly clamp your tool over a section of hair near your scalp. Turn the straightener away from your face in a half-turn, and hold the end of your locks while you run the iron down your strand (the slower you pull, the tighter the curl). Twist the finished strand around your finger to secure its shape and let set.



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Hollywood Glam

These retro curls require a smaller sized curling iron, around 1-1.5 inches. Clamp (or start wrapping) in the middle of each strand. Then, curl towards your face and wrap the ends around the bottom of your heat tool. Open and close the clamp a few times to avoid creasing and then release your curl. Roll against your scalp and clip in place to cool. After your locks have cooled, brush through to create softness.




This method gives you a more relaxed look and is great for people with long and/or thick hair. With your iron facing downward, flat wrap the first part of your strand and twist while wrapping the bottom half. The end result is a tighter-looking curl at the top and loose tousled waves at your ends.



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Big Curls

Get major volume by using large-sized hair rollers. Section hair around the same size as your roller and rotate towards your scalp. Position on a horizontal angle for luscious full curls and let them set for at least an hour, or sleep in them overnight for big bouncy curls.



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